Sir John in New York City, 2014. Photo by The Coveteur.
Beauty: Makeup

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Sir John

The makeup artist celebrities keep on speed dial shares his secrets for flawless facepainting.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

“The face is the last thing I do when I’m doing makeup — after the eyes are already done. I like the skin to be slightly damp when I work on it so I can manipulate the foundation and concealer on a very slippery surface. I actually prefer to use eye cream all over the face for this. It has smaller particles as it’s meant to deliver ingredients to an area that’s more delicate, so it really absorbs.”

Be an artist with your makeup.

The Truth About False Eyelashes

“Every woman should master the art of putting on false eyelashes with tweezers— try five individual lashes per eye, building length toward the center for a doe-eyed look. As soon as the individual lashes are dry, take a waterproof black eyeliner and rim the upper lash line to create more depth. Then go in with mascara. Oh, and never use the glue that comes inside the lash kits. Ever. Buy a separate eyelash adhesive, it’ll make your job a lot easier.”

Be an Artist

“Lots of women look to the makeup counter for color inspiration. But, you should also go to a museum. Look at the washes of colors, look at the paintings, think of your face as a canvas and think outside the box. Be an artist with your makeup. One thing I’ve learned is to layer lipstick. So I might take a matte orange and a matte fuchsia and blend them together to make a custom color. These small things create real visual interest.”

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