Skin Do: Watch Vanessa and Nicole go green.
Lifestyle: Foodies on Beauty

Drink Your Way
To Better Skin’s Vanessa Packer and Nicole Berrie
want you to drink your vegetables.

Having been in the business of helping their readers live happier healthier lives for over a year now,’s Vanessa Packer and Nicole Berrie are strong believers in the mental and psychological effects of eating a balanced, whole-foods diet. “For many people, health does stem from a vanity aspect, though,” Berrie admits. “But we’re not mad at that,” she continues, pointing out that the more people know about the skin-clarifying, hair-lengthening, eye-brightening benefits of nurturing your body, the better. “Beauty really does come from within,” adds Packer—and it can start with the delicious, nutritious, and surprisingly easy-to-make green juice below.

Skin Dew Juice

(Serves 2)

1 head of romaine
4 leaves of kale
3 stalks of celery
1 cucumber, peeled
1 thumb-sized amount of ginger
1 lemon
Handful of cilantro
2 cups of pineapple
½ jalapeño, deseeded

Clean and prep all fruits and vegetables. Pass ingredients through a juicer, stir, pour into glasses, and enjoy.

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